Filter Bag Cage

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Filter bag cage (filter bag cage, filter bag cage basket) helps to fix the bag vertically. The quality of the bag frame directly affects the durability of the filter bag. From 2015 Dat Tin Company started to invest in the production line of filter bag cage/filter bags. From the stages such as straightening, rounding, to welding the body – the top and bottom are all processed on an automatic line, the frame is straight – perpendicular to the floor, the welding points – solid and do not create solder (Bavia ), thereby increasing the service life of the filter bag.
Production capacity: Dat Tin can meet orders from 3000-4000 filter bags with frame length from 3m – 6m monthly.


Venturi filter bag cage (galvanized steel)
Stainless steel filter bag cage
Silicone Coating Filter Flame Filter Bag Cage
Non-venturi filter bag cage
Filter bag cage with aluminum venturi (removable)
Filter bag cage with roll band groove on top
Filter bag cage with Male Thread


Diameter of filter bag steel fiber: 3.5mm – 5.0mm

Diameter of the body: from 100mm – 155mm

Length of filter bag cage: according to the customer’s request

Number of warp yarns (bars): 8 – 24 bars

Stiffening ring range: 180-200mm

Cage top: venture, non-venturi, roll band low groove, straight flange, and multi-pieces body design.

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