ASCO VALSE UG112-028-3230-50

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A high-quality Asco pulse valves system will make you satisfied with peace of mind because of the product’s durability as well as the quality of service from Dat Tin.

The pulse valve is indispensable in the dust collection system of cloth bags and sleeves.

Pulse valve is positioned in the dust filter system between the air tank and the air blower. Its purpose is to deliver an air pulse to guarantee full cleaning of the bag, hence increasing filter efficiency.

Product Name: SCG353G051


Type: Valves

Brand Name: ASCO Model Number: UG1120283

Material: Brass

Pipe size: 1/4″

Core tube: Stainless steel

Core and plunger: Stainless steel

Springs: Stainless steel

Differential pressure: 0 – 8 5 bar

Response times: 8 ms

Voltage: DC 24V; AC 220V


  1. Two way NC pilot valves for dust collector service
  2. Normally closed direct acting
  3. Rugged forged brass body construction
  4. Designed for panel mounting
  5. Compact, low weight construction
  6. The components satisfy all relevant EC directives
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