The four most sought-after dust collector control boards today

Dust collector control boards are considered an indispensable device in any dust collection system. Join Dat Tin to learn about the 4 most sought-after control boards today

What is a control board?

A control board acts as the “brain” of the system which controls, connects and operates a massive dust collection system. Like a human’s brain, dust collectors will not be able to operate smoothly and accurately without a control board.

4 types of popular control boards today

TAEHA control board

TAEHA control board can control the duster filter valve in precise timing by setting time in an EP-ROM memory, including the valve’s pulse time and the time between valves.

The control board allows settings directly on board (via push button/rheostat) for more convenient and safe filtering time adjustment.

TAEHA control board

The outer box of TAEHA control board is made of sturdy aluminium and is capable of operation in dusty or outdoor environments (according to IP65 standards). For assurance of electrical safety, the box has an earthing wire to prevent lightning and ensure safety for users to operate the timer system – time control board.

TAEHA control boards are divided into 2 basic lines: TNE and TNX

  • TNE-10N/20N: The number of output ports is 10 or 20 with output voltage at 220VAC or 24VDC and timer controlled by a rheostat
  • TNE-10NS/20NS: The number of output ports is 10 or 20 with output voltage at 220VAC or 24VDC, and the timer is controlled by a push-button with a time displayed on the electronic clock. Especially, this model also allows many timers to be connected in series to form a timer with multiple current outputs and operate in sequence one by one.
  • TNE-12NX: this model has 12 coils integrated into the box to ensure waterproof and dustproof abilities or operating ability in highly corrosive environments, thereby the coils’ life is extended. This also reduces the connecting wires which can cause danger to the operator. Timer integrates serial connection with electronic clock and push-button mounted on the outside of the box to make time adjustment easier and more convenient.

Control board FINETEK

Control board FINETEK

Finetek control board (Taiwan) is specially designed for the dust collection system, which helps to control dust collecting time more effectively, with a transparent plastic box design that let the operator observe the filtering time through an electronic clock. At the same time, the case is water and dust resistant according to IP65 standards.

Basic models are AE711A (10 ports without clock), AE110A (10 ports), AE121A (20 ports), AE140A (40 ports). Input and output voltage options are 220VAC and 24VDC.

SBFEC control board

SBFEC brand is a joint venture between L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (the USA) and Shanghai Bag Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd (China). With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing equipment for dust collection systems such as dust filter valves, control timers, filter bags, filter bag cages…

SBFEC control board

SBFEC control boards include many models from basic models such as DMK-5CSA (direct collecting – Online) to higher-end models such as DMK-6CSA (compartment dust filter – Offline) or DMK-6CSD (combination of differential pressure dust removal and compartment dust removal), SBFEC also expands the number of output ports with DMK-6CSE Models, etc.

ASCO Controller Board

ASCO Numatics – USA is a leading manufacturer of equipment for dust collection systems, Products from ASCO are known worldwide for their stable operation and high durability.

ASCO Controller Board

ASCO control board is manufactured entirely in Italy following European standards. This timer is divided into 2 basic lines which are E909BB (operating under differential pressure) and E909PB (operating in normal mode – direct filtering).

  • The number of output ports is from 4 to 48 ports, the operating voltage can be selected as 220VAC or 24VDC.
  • The outer plastic box is designed to be waterproof and dustproof according to IP65 standards
  • The control board has an integrated electronic clock that can be observed from the outside.

The important role of the control board

Control board is an indispensable electronic device in any factory system because it is the central brain that supplies and controls the dust filter system. Similar to the human brain, the control board is also the “executing” place which ensures the smoothness of the system.

Distributor providing genuine control board in Vietnam

The quality and dust filter efficiency depend a lot on the quality of control boards. Therefore, make sure to choose a control board at reputable and experienced distributors in the market. You will be buying genuine products with a long-term warranty.

Dat Tin Company is honoured to be the official distributor supplying control boards of TAEHA (Korea), FINETEK (Taiwan), ASCO (USA) and SBFEC (China) in Vietnam. We commit to providing 100% genuine products as well as a warranty from the manufacturer.

Dat Tin only distributes high-end control boards with clear certificates, invoices and quality assurance. We have nationwide delivery, exchange service if there is a defect from the manufacturer and a warranty within 12 months for all products.

Distributor providing genuine control board in Vietnam

Excellent advantages that Dat Tin can bring to you:

  • With over 10 years of experience in consulting, installation and comprehensive warranty, commitment to the best filter efficiency.
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  • Dat Tin says “NO” to fake products / spare parts, of unknown origin.
  • In addition, the accompanying services such as door delivery, timely, proper technology, and professional service will ensure peace of mind and quality of the dust filter bag to customers.

Established in 2010, Dat Tin determined to produce all kinds of dust filter bags, dust filter bag frames (dust filter cages) for industrial dust collection systems. With a staff of many years of experience, attached and really knowledgeable about the products provided, Dat Tin is confident to bring the best experience to you when purchasing from us.

With the motto: “Right technique, Competitiveness, Timeliness, Professional service”, Dat Tin always strives to bring satisfaction and long-term trust to customers. We are committed to bringing you satisfaction and peace of mind.

Dat Tin – a reputable design consulting company for many years has implemented many large projects of industrial dust filtration systems, and industrial dust collection systems nationwide. Please contact us for advice on designing a high-performance dust collection system at the most reasonable price.


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