The operating principle of the Shaker dust collection system

One of the most commonly used dust filtration systems is the Shaker dust collector. Join Dat Tin to learn more about the operating principle of this system.

What is a shaker dust collection system?

The Shaker dust collector is currently one of the most widely used dust filtration devices. This system uses filter materials that are non-woven synthetic or natural fabrics sewn into dust filter bags. The filtered dust can be collected when it falls to the bottom through the device mounted on the bottom.

What is a shaker dust collection system?

The amount of treated dust is usually brought out by using a rotating valve or a screw conveyor. Environmental experts claimed that this is the best method to solve the problem of air pollution caused by dust that comes from various causes, from natural to man-made activities.

Operating principle of shaker dust collection system

Gas emissions that need to be filtered will be put into the dust hopper and then go inside out of the fabric bags or from the outside to the inside to enter the clean air manifold and exit. When the dust has accumulated on the inside or outside of the filter bags, it will make the dust resistance increases, which affects the filtration efficiency. To clean the filter bags, people use the shaker system with compressed. With the strong pressure of the compressed air, the dust attached to the bags is pushed and falls down.

Working principle of shaker dust collection system

Working principle of shaker dust collection system

Normally, after a period of time, the dust layer will be very thick, making the resistance of the filter become too great, you must proceed to remove the dust layer accumulated on the bags. This process is called reverting filterability.

In addition, in the shaker dust collector, there will be a cloth dust filter bag. The purpose of this filter bag is to capture small dust particles that cannot be captured by mechanical filtration. When the coarse dust particles are completely separated, the amount of dust held in the bag will be reduced.

The facts have shown that the shaker dust collector promotes filtration efficiency up to 98% to 99% and filters out even very small particles thanks to the filter aid layer. Some of the applications of this system are in cement plants, incinerators, steel furnaces and grain mills.

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