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PTFE has excellent heat resistance

Why are dust collectors generally coated with PTFE?

If you have learned about dust filter devices, you probably know about PTFE dust filter bags or PTFE coated cartridge filters. Join Dat Tin to find out why people use PTFE in dust collectors. What is PTFE? PTFE was discovered in 1938 by Roy Plunkett, an American chemist. PTFE is short for Polytetrafluoroethylene, also known […]

TAEHA control board

The four most sought-after dust collector control boards today

Dust collector control boards are considered an indispensable device in any dust collection system. Join Dat Tin to learn about the 4 most sought-after control boards today What is a control board? A control board acts as the “brain” of the system which controls, connects and operates a massive dust collection system. Like a human’s […]

What is a shaker dust collection system?

The operating principle of the Shaker dust collection system

One of the most commonly used dust filtration systems is the Shaker dust collector. Join Dat Tin to learn more about the operating principle of this system. What is a shaker dust collection system? The Shaker dust collector is currently one of the most widely used dust filtration devices. This system uses filter materials that […]

Đạt Tín thông báo điều chỉnh giá sản phẩm

Notifications of price adjustment

Dear our valued customers, We regret to inform you that we will increase price of filter materials. Because currently Lydall Gutsche is increasing the price of raw materials, price will change per week. We would like to express our thanks to your support so far and hope your great understanding for this price increase. For […]

Vai trò quan trọng của búa hơi trong công nghiệp

The important role of piston vibrator in industry

Many types of dust exist in factories nowadays. The hardest one to handle is sticky dust because it’s very hard to collect. With the invention of the piston vibrator, it becomes much easier to solve this sticky dust problem. Let’s learn about this significant device with Đạt Tín – an expert in dust filter systems […]

Tổng hợp tất cả thông tin về hộp chứa cuộn coil

All information you must know about the solenoid enclosure

Solenoid enclosure is an indispensable device to help prolong the life of dust filter devices. Together with Dat Tin learn information about reputable and quality Solenoid enclosures. Features of solenoid enclosure Dust filters often have to work in very harsh environments: high temperature, outdoor or dusty (due to dust accumulation after a long time of […]

Túi lọc bụi PPS được sử dụng trong ngành công nghiệp nào?

Which kind of industry that use PPS dust filter bag?

PPS dust filter bags are commonly known as cement dust filter bags. However, not stopping there, PPS dust filter bags are also widely used in other industries, let’s find out right away with the quality dust filter bag manufacturer – Đạt Tín. What is PPS dust filter bags? Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is an organic polymer […]

van giũ bụi sbfec


Thank you customers for trusting the sbfec ld gore usa (made in china) valve series. Although this valve is built in China, all of the major components are imported from Europe. Continental Germany makes a diaphragm valve, for example. On the Vietnamese market today, this is the most counterfeited and faked valve line To avoid […]


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