TÚI LỌC BỤI VẢI DỆT POLYESTER ( Túi lọc bụi vải dệt PE )


PE woven filter bag is a very popular filter material with good breathability as well as low cost, good acid resistance, high dust filtration efficiency suitable for many different applications.

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PE woven filter bag is the material used in portable cloth dust filter bag, mechanical vibration cloth dust filter bag, back-blown cloth dust filter bag, exhaust cloth dust filter bag…with different dust filter fabric parameters.

Dat Tin accepts to process PE woven dust filter bags according to the dimensions, specifications of the mouth and bottom of the bag, different thicknesses of materials according to customer requirements.



PE woven filter bag is a very popular filter material with good acid resistance and high filtration efficiency suitable for many different applications. Capable of working continuously at 135oC

The weakness of this material is that it is resistant to weak alkalis and is easily hydrolyzed in strong alkalis.

In addition, to improve the quality of use for the product, users can request more advanced heat sealing methods. Then, the PE filter bag has good adhesion to prevent leakage.





Air permeabilit

Pull permeabilit






MD N/5cm x 20cm

XD N/5cm x 20cm













Túi lọc bụi Polyester



To understand why so many firms use PE filter bags, consider the following excellent benefits that provide significant value:

  • Price: One of the benefits that people should consider is that the price of PE filter bags on the market nowadays is pretty cheap. Many company owners should choose it since it passes its dust filtration standards and can save and provide revenues to enterprises.
  • High effectiveness of dust filtration: The effectiveness of the PE filter bag is the second and equally significant requirement. It is both moisture-proof and heat-resistant, and has high flexibility, making it simple to adapt to a variety of work settings.
  • High-quality materials: Made entirely of polyester fabric. It helps to make the PE filter bag itself more difficult to damage during usage, which saves a lot of money because it doesn’t have to be replaced as frequently. It will undoubtedly provide complete pleasure to your company.
  • Suitable for industrial applications: Although the price is low, the quality of the PE filter bag should not be overlooked. It is constantly trusted in industry and production because of its excellent dust filtering capabilities and good managing of environmental pollution.
  • Various designs and models: Moisture-proof PE filter bags in a variety of designs to meet the needs of dust filtering systems and consumers.
  • Machinery and equipment protection – people: This is one of the best items for protecting the health of employees, especially those who operate in hazardous environments.
  • Simple to clean and replace: For dust filter bag goods, the convenience of use and replacement feature helps to save time.



PE woven filter bag is incredibly adaptable, and it is used extensively in industry and agriculture. Let’s have a look at some great uses for PE filter bag here:

  • PE woven filter bags are mostly utilized in the food business, where they are used to filter residues in food dishes such as beer filters, beverage filters, tea filters, milk filters, cooking oil filters, honey filters, fish sauce filters, and so on.
  • Furthermore, this sort of woven cloth dust filter bag is employed in the industry: paint, cement, printing ink, and so on.
  • In the agricultural business, it is used to filter clean water for shrimp, fish, and eel production, among other things. It is also used to filter well water, remove alum water,…

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