What is Venturi, and why does Venturi play a significant role in dust filtration system?

Nowadays, venturi is no longer a new term in industrial dust treatment systems. Let’s see what venturi is and why venturi is present in dust filters with quality dust filter bag manufacturer Đạt Tín.

What is Venturi?

Venturi is a system for accelerating the flow rate of a liquid, by tightening it in a conical tube. When limiting a fluid, an increase in velocity must reduce its pressure and create a partial vacuum. As the liquid leaves the constriction, its pressure rises back to ambient or piping levels.

Venturi là gì? Tại sao venturi lại đóng vai trò quan trọng trong các thiết bị lọc bụi

Why do dust filtration systems need Venturi?

Venturi works like a coil to create a secondary airflow is combined with a compressed air pulse to increase clean air remove dust from the dust filter bag. Without a vent, the cleaning air may not be enough for the filter media to be cleaned.

The air-to-fabric ratio is usually 3:1 and 6:1. This means it filters three to six cubic feet (1-2m) of air per minute through every square foot of the filter media. The air-to-fabric ratio is selected based on process conditions, including dust type, dust quantity, and particle size, and the selection of this ratio is often based on past experience. This usually requires more air than just a pulse of compressed air. The secondary airflow from the venturi helps you not to be too concerned about this factor and still filter dust well.

Venturi is usually mounted in the dust filter bag frame (dust filter cage) to increase the ability to shake the dust, ensuring dust is attached to the dust filter bag, thereby increasing the maximum filtration efficiency.

Two types of dust filter frame (dust filter cage) with Venturi

Galvanized steel venturi-mounted dust filter bag frame

The galvanized steel venturi-mounted dust filter bag frame is a gabion frame that is fitted with venturi to the mouth of the dust filter bag, also known as the dust filter skeleton, to support the dust shaking process in the cloth bag dust filter system. Venturi is welded directly to the mouth of the frame by spot welding (lap welding).

Features of galvanized steel filter bag gabion:

  • Cheap price
  • Durable, resistant to rust

Khung túi lọc bụi gắn venturi bằng thép mạ kẽm

Aluminum venturi-mounted dust filter bag frame

Same as galvanized steel venturi-mounted dust filter bag frame, aluminum venturi-mounted dust filter bag frame has good ability to hold the dust. Advantages:

  • Durable
  • High antioxidant capacity
  • Good heat resistance

Application of dust filter bag frame (filter bag cage) with venturi

Dust collectors with venturi pulsed are more than twice as likely to shake off dust than units without venturi. Therefore, venturi is often attached to filter equipment in factories, incinerator dust filters, cement dust filters, wood factory dust filter bags, industrial dust filters, ceramic, steel and non-ferrous metallurgy, wood processing, fertilizer production, cosmetics, animal feed, mining, thermal power, printing ink, paint filter, etc.

Where to buy a dust filter bag frame (filter bag cage) with Venturi attached

Established in 2010, Đạt Tín has determined the goal of producing all kinds of dust filter bags, filter bag frames (filter bag cages) for industrial dust collection systems. With more than 10 years of experience in the market, Đạt Tín is leading in the field of industrial factory dust filtration.

Our mission: “Right product, right quality, Competitive price, Professional service”, Dat Tin tries our best efforts in order to bring satisfaction and trust to the customers. We committed to bring you satisfaction and peace of mind. Always making effort to bring satisfaction and permanent trust to our customers nationwide.

Advantages of filter bag cages manufactured by Đạt Tín:

  • Đạt Tín has a team of experts and engineers with many years of experience, specializing in designing filter bag cages according to different types of filter bags. Coming to Đạt Tín, customers will be given specific advice on how to choose suitable filter bags for the factory’s usage conditions.
  • The production material is well processed, strong, and has good elasticity, smooth surface.
  • The filter bag cage is welded firmly, not broken from the welding point, ensuring the dust filter bag can work properly.
  • Well-researched air vents, can guide compressed air to effectively clean the filter bag, but it will not harm the filter bag.
  • The production material of the filter bag can be treated with zinc plating, organic silicon coating, etc. According to the requirement.
  • Đạt Tín’s dust filter bag cage can be designed as a single unit or multiple pieces in a combination for convenient installation at your factory.

Đạt Tín – a reputable design consultant for many years has implemented many projects of industrial dust filtration systems, industrial dust collection systems, large dust collection systems, and cement dust filter bag. Contact us for advice on designing a high-performance dust collection system at the most reasonable price.

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