ASCO C113928

ASCO C113928

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Product Name: ASCO C113928 Diaphragm kits 3″ Pulse jet valve SCEX353.060

Material: Buna, Viton

Brand: ASCO

Material: Aluminium


  1. Diaphragm (Rubber or Fabric Reinforcement in Rubber Diaphragms) is a precision functional part used to check pressure or change fluid pressure into drive power.
  2. Fabric-reinforced in rubber diaphragms utilize a layer of engineered fabric material as part of the diaphragm construction. This layer of fabric gives tremendous design flexibility.
  3. Fabric is made of polyester, nylon, and silk and is commonly used for most applications, such as exposure to high-temperature or require extremely high-strength.
  4. Fabric reinforced diaphragms advantages:

*No leakage

*No Lubrication

* No Breakaway Force

* No Friction

* Functionality Over Wide Pressure Ranges

* High Strength

* Low Cost

* Simple Design

* Versatility


Differential pressure (PS): 0,35 – 8,5 bar [1 bar = 100kPa]

Ambient temperature range: -20 to +85 °C


ASCO C113928

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